Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


Ana Lux, September 2018

I had a meniscus operation 38 years ago after a sport accident. I have kept using my knee in running, walking, climbing but two years ago it became so worn out that it was difficult event to walk. My physician told me that he could not help me in any other way but by applying a knee prosthesis. I have visited another doctor who administered steroid injections and following that non-steroid medicaments. As a result of this I had no pain in my knee for four months but my stomach was seriously damaged. After four months of this treatment and following a full day excursion the state of my knee was just as before.
This was the time when I have heard about the soft laser and based on information available from internet I have ordered a Handy Cure’s device. I have made a daily treatment of 5 weeks, after three weeks leaving out one week as advised by the User Guide. With this treatment I could reach that my knee is not sore and I can use it much harder than before. If, for some reason, I strain or overload it, I immediately use Handy Cure’s and remedy the problem without any medicament.

Ever since I have bought the device almost everybody in the family has applied it with success. My husband cured its sciatic nerve inflammation, my daughter used it to accelerate curing her broken nail, my son-in-law applied it to a swelling due to ligament overload, and it was also used in curing sinus inflammation of one of my granddaughter.

Anna Lux, Director, Lux Kereskedelmi Kft., Budapest


Linda Skellam, September 2018

I first heard about Handycure laser at Therapy Expo in Birmingham last year. Having had one of the units on loan, over January and February of this year, I found the unit to be so useful and effective I just had to keep it.It is very useful as a part of all treatment sessions, but particularly where there is a lot of sensitivity, that makes causes difficulty with treatments involving contact/ pressure on the area.

It is do also find myself regularly taking it home. Earlier this year, when my husband badly strained his elbow, it was invaluable. Use of the laser returned the range of movement to normal and reduced the swelling in only a few days.

Overall I can highly recommend the Handycure laser equipment as part of a therapists "toolkit".

Linda Skellam, Moorhouse physiotherapy clinic, Leek, UK.

Dr Steve Jennings, May 2016

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"I am very happy with the Handy Cure laser after using it for several months. I have compared many lasers that are far more expensive, and I like Handy Cure the best. At times, it does the same thing as a chiropractic adjustment. One method that I use is over the occiput C1 juncture for about a minute, then the nerve root from the spine to the area of complaint for a minute, and then over the complaint area for a minute. Then I have the patient move or do range of motion and repeat if needed. Thanks for a great product and great service."



Dr. Craig S. Ross, D.C., Developer of Neuro Cranial Integration , CA, USA

I use the Handy Cure in my chiropractic office for many different conditions. I have used more powerful lasers, more expensive lasers* -- but the Handy Cure does a fantastic job on my patient's conditions. It is easy to use... so easy that some of my patients have purchased ones for home use. I have 350 doctors in my group and many have purchased the Handy Cure to help even the most difficult patients. Powerful, easy to use and inexpensive is a winning combination.

Dr. Rachel Tsarfati Reports

E., usually a healthy man, experiences strong pains at the front of his head and above his left ear. Unfortunately, he feels no relief when taking tranquilizers. Although a single series of HandyCure treatment at a varying frequency had no effect, two series of treatment at the frequency of 5 eased his pain significantly and he functions now with no medications.

J. is a 16 years old girl and she complained of strong lower back and abdomen pains, in particular close to her menstruation dates. I instructed her to apply HandyCure at the pain locations 12 to 15 days after menstruation and if pain returns to apply HandyCure at frequency 5 for two series of treatment. J. reported later that she felt much better after the treatment.

A., a woman of 54, is overweight 35kgs. She recently fell and after her fall she suffered from persistant pains at her right ankle. A. used HandyCure for two weeks, and after a series of treatments at frequency 5 and 50 she reported significant relief in her pain.

Prof. Maysvren Ellapen

Dear David, I Like to thank you for introducing me Handy Cure. I think you know how I suffered with Pain in Graz. On coming back to Chennai India the pain increased and fur to lack of blood circulation both my feet swell. As per your advice I used Handy Cure, On the first day I felt condident that it works. Within 3 days swelling subsided. Now I cary it wherever I travel. I also used it on two patients who had joint pains. Result was good.

Thank You
Prof. Dr. Maysvrem Ellapen
Rohini Hilistic Hospital, Chennai


Dr. I. Goldschmidt Pediatrician

Dear Sir,

Approximately one year ago, when working intensively in the emergency room, I suffered three spinal disc herniations. Since then, I went through dozens of treatments, but the intense pain was relentless. In the midst of despair, suffering and excruciating pain, which paralyzed me for many weeks, depriving me of my quality of life, I started using the Handy Cure device. Of course, being a man of science and medicine, I was skeptical, just as most orthopedic operations do not bring about a significantimprovement in the patient's condition, and as orthopedic surgery often entail a difficult and long process, which in many cases, does not offer a remedy. With this skepticism I started using the device. At first I did not feel any difference, but within approximately two months, I experienced a tremendous improvement in my condition. I can now perform 26 consecutive hours of emergency room shifts, I can wake up in the morning with intense pain and difficulties in movement, and within about 15 minutes of using the device, the pain subsides, and I can simply function again. I admit, as a man of medicine, that this could be the work of the placebo effect. However, the failure of so many treatments I went through, from steroid injections, to medications such as Arcoxia and Etopan for long periods, with no improvement; shiatsu, acupuncture, physiotherapy and swimming - all these failed to significantly improve my condition; this leads me to the most logical conclusion, which is that the
device functions very positively. I had no and have no business relationship with your company, and this personal letter is intended only to express my thanks. This device restored my quality of life. It helped not only myself but also the children who come to my clinic with intense pain, and within minutes feel a significant improvement. I hope that further clinical studies will be conducted, and I have no doubt that these will demonstrate that Handy Cure is a must in any home. In my case, at least, it was a life saver.

I wish you the best of health,

Dr. I. Goldschmidtת Pediatrician