Cure Ex

Easily and effectively cure fungal infection of the nail (Onychomycosis) with Cure Ex – a porta-ble, self-treating medical device. Cure Ex low-level laser pulse radiation targets fungus spores under the nail, thus easing and curing symptoms associated with fungal infection of the nail.

Treatment with Cure Ex has significant advantages over other options, such as systemic or top-ical treatment. Systemic treatment – usually by oral application of anti-fungal medications – carries risk to kidney and liver functioning, as well as undesirable side effects. Medicinal creams and nail paints of topical treatments have to be applied daily for prolonged periods of time, yet offer poor cure rates. In comparison, Cure Ex treatment is a cost-efficient alternative, effective and easy to apply, with no associated medical risks and no side effects.
Cure Ex treatment is effective, painless, non-invasive, safe, and CE approved for home use.