Bone Repair

Bone Repair
In an experimental animal study, the effect of LLLT on bone repair was evaluated by computerized morphometric assessment (1). The assessment was carried out at different time intervals following fractures. It was observed that LLLT increased bone repair primarily at early stages of the healing process. This finding is in agreement with previous study that showed increased osteoblastic activity and increased number of blood vessels and the amount of mineralized bone at the fracture site in response to LLLT (2).

(These case studies report treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions by using TerraQuant. However, use of Handy-Cure in these situations would have achieved the same results.)

CASE # 1
73 year old female with a painful left shoulder. Ultrasound of shoulder demonstrated bursitis and fluid around the biceps tendon. Pain worse at night. Limited range of movement. TerraQuant treatment was commenced daily for 6 days with notable improvement in level of pain. She was virtually pain free during the day with reducing night pain and with increasing range of movement of the shoulder joint.

CASE # 2
42 year old female with right lateral epicondylitis, pain extending into the extensor area of the forearm (out cropping muscles). She was instructed in the use of a Tennis Elbow strap, massage of the extensor muscles and stretching of the muscle bellies. She also was asked to use a topical anti-inflammatory ointment. After presenting with extreme pain she reported increasing benefit after the first 4 treatments with TerraQuant and was 90% -95% pain-free after 7 treatments. She was encouraged to continue other supportive measures.

CASE # 3
73 year old female presented with severe pain in the left calf following an episode of prolonged cramp whilst in bed. She was seen to be extremely tender over the medial head of the Gastrocnemius muscle and responded well to 4 treatments with TerraQuant.

CASE # 4
63 year old insulin dependent diabetic with severe degenerative disease of the right knee waiting for knee replacement. Awaiting hospital admission she received daily and alternate day TerraQuant treatment over 7-10 days on 2 occasions to buy time until surgery was carried out. Post operatively she was using an exercise bicycle during her rehabilitation and developed muscle strain of the upper anterior compartment muscles. Also post operatively she developed a pressure ulcer on her other heel. Her anterior compartment strain improved daily with 5 TerraQuant treatments and the moderately deep pressure ulcer which had been dosing slowly showed rapid improvement from 1.5cms to 2mm in 7 days and was closed by the 12th day.

CASE # 5
25 year old male who sustained a mid shaft fracture of the humerus on 20th July in Darwin whilst pitching a baseball. He was treated conservatively in Darwin. After 6 weeks he came to Melbourne and complained of pain around the upper arm1 and in the cubital fossa area. After investigating him for osteoporosis (neg) he was started on TerraQuant therapy and given exercises to increase strength around the elbow and shoulder. He showed good recovery after 14 days of treatment with regards to pain but returned 1 week later requesting further treatment from which he derived significant improvement.

CASE # 6
32 year old male knocked right knee over upper margin of Patella. He complained of pain and weakness on extension of knee. After 3 TerraQuant treatments pain and weakness had subsided.

CASE # 7
57 year old female had a large can of tinned fruit dropped onto dorsum of right foot. Patient on Warfarin. She developed pain, swelling (haematoma) over the dorsum of her foot. After 4 TerraQuant treatments she was able to walk comfortably with little pain on extension of ankle joint and toes.

CASE # 8 Achilles Tendonitis
Age 34 – The acute injury occurred while playing basketball, which he played only occasionally. The Achilles tendon was swollen and acutely painful at palpation. The patient was walking with moderate pain. Treatment consisted in three 10-minutes sessions of TerraQuant (10 minutes @ 50Hz) within a week combined with Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID). At the end of the treatment the patient was able to walk freely, the Achilles tendon was not painful at palpation.

CASE # 9 Achilles Tendonitis
Age 78 – This patient had had bilateral Achilles tendonitis and bilateral plantar fasciitis for severalweeks with increasing intensity. The pain had not been relieved with paracetamol. The injuries
annoyed markedly this patient since he was responsible for the maintenance of his local bowling club and an ardent player. Treatment consisted of 6 sessions of TerraQuant combined with NSAID. Each TerraQuant session consisted of 10 minutes at 50Hz for each of the Achilles tendons and each of the plantar fasciitis. The TerraQuant sessions were distributed over a two weeks period. At the end of the treatment period this gentleman was pain free and fully enjoyed his bowling again.

CASE # 10 Shoulder Bursitis
Age 28 – The injury occurred at work while digging and shoveling heavy wet earthy clay, the shovel got stuck under a rock and this patient exerted undue force to try to lift the rock, which did not move an inch. This patient is very muscular and exercises regularly, including weight lifting. The biceps tendon was painful and there was limited abduction at 60 degrees and very limited internal rotation and forward flexion. An Ultrasound showed biceps tendon inflammation and partial tear. The treatment consisted of 4 sessions of TerraQuant (10 minutes @ 50Hz) with a prescription for NSAID and ice packs. He was assigned to light duties with a restriction on lifting no more thank two kilos. The four sessions of TerraQuant were given over a 10 day period. At the end of the treatment, the patient was pain free and there was no limitation of movement and palpation was pain free.

CASE # 11 Lateral Epicondylitis
Age 43 – This electrician patient had been suffering from lateral epicondylitis for several months with increasing intensity not only while using his forearm but also at rest and even at night. Courses of NSAID taken intermittently had provided not substantial relief. The treatment consisted of 6 sessions of TerraQuant (10 minutes at 50 Hz) over a period of three weeks combined with 3 myotherapy treatments and a course of NSAID. After the three weeks of treatment, the patient was pain free both while using his arm and at rest and at palpation of the lateral epicondyle.

CASE # 12 Hip Bursitis
Age 72 – this retired woman was suffering from left hip pain that reduced her ability to go for long walks and also prevented her from sleeping on her left side. Getting up from a chair or her sofa was painful. Palpation of the great trochanter was painful and a left hip ultrasound confirmed a bursitis. The treatment consisted of eight treatments of TerraQuant (5 minutes variable frequency and 5 minutes at 50 Hz) over a three weeks period. At the end of the treatment, the patient was pain free and could enjoy her walks again. There was no pain at palpation and no limited range of movement of her left hip.

CASE # 13 Coccyx Pain
Age 84 – This patient had sustained a fractured coccyx several years before and remained very sore. She could not sit straight and not for long. Traveling by car was limited to a few kilometers because of the pain. Analgesics NSAID and acupuncture had had no effects. The treatment consisted of 12 sessions of TerraQuant (10 minutes at 5 Hz) over a four weeks period. After six treatments, this patient was able to sit straight albeit with bearable discomfort. After 12 treatments, she was pain free and could walk and travel by car without restriction.

CASE # 14 Superficial Thrombophlebitis
Age 54 – this patient had a superficial thrombophlebitis of the leg for several days. Treatment consisted of two TerraQuant sessions of 10 minutes at 1000Hz on two consecutive days. After the second treatment, the inflammation had disappeared and the leg was not sore.

CASE # 15 Shingles
Age 24 – This patient had developed herpes zoster on a thoracic dermatoma. He visited his family physician 6 days after the occurrence of symptoms. The treatment consisted of 4 sessions of
TerraQuant (10 minutes at 1000Hz) over a ten day period with a prescription of tramadol and of paracetamol 500mg and 30 mg of codeine. After the treatments, the pain had reduced markedly and an NSAID was sufficient to control it. The skin lesion had almost disappeared.


(1) Silva, A.N. et al, J. Clin. Laser Med. Surg. 20:83, 2002.
(2) Treller, M.A. and Mayayo, E. Laser Surg. Med. 7:36, 1987

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