Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


I have been suffering from severe chronic pain in my knee joints which made bending my knees and going up and down the stairs excruciatingly painful. After ten days of daily TerraQuant treatment, using programmes 1 and 2, 20 minutes each day on each knee, I feel a noticeable improvement. The pain has not disappeared, but I can now bend my knees and can walk up and down the stairs with greater ease. I also have arthritis in my hands, and as a hairdresser who shampoos women's hair every day, each time I wet my hands, I feel strong pain. After using TerraQuant on my hands for fifteen consecutive days, I can feel a noticeable reduction in pain. I continue to use TerraQuant every day or every other day both on my knees and on the arthritis in my hands. I thank my daughter every day for buying me TerraQuant as a present.

Mrs D Nathaniel, London