Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


"TerraQuant is my favourite, I own one, my mother owns one and I must admit I show favouritism to the TerraQuant when I advise a person on what laser to buy. I love the TerraQuant."

Beauty - "I feel like I discovered the fountain of youth in Terra Quant. Using program 5 for the universal cleans empties the lymph and stimulates the immune system. This improves the overall health of the skin."

Cellulite - "Using the manual choice for the 100% IR. I use this over the cellulite problem areas, then switch to program three. AMAZING results follow with lots of water. I saw a huge improvement after 3 treatments spaced every other day."

Stretch mark - "The 100% IR did wonders for a woman's stretch marks in 4 treatments."

Hearing loss - "After learning what the TerraQuant could do we were asked to treat hearing loss, joint pain and muscle injury. The hearing loss was the most exceptional. Scientific studies have recently shown that 80 % of hearing loss in the middle aged to elderly is caused by plaque blocking arterial and small vessel flow. Using the tubular probe, addressing inside the ear canal using program 1 and then to the back of the ear using program 4 had remarkable results."

Ankle injury - "One evening a hockey player came to my house after being hit in the ankle with a hockey puck, upon entering the house he could put very little weight on the ankle. I treated with program 1 for 5 minutes, then program 2 and finished with program 3. 5 minutes later he stood up, put all of his weight on the injured ankle, hopped on it and then asked me if I was a witch doctor. He called me three days later to tell me he had just run a 5 km race and had no swelling or pain."

Mary K Pritzle, Healers Choice, alternative non-invasive treatment research, low-level laser consulting, medical and veterinary