Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


 Arthritis pain in knee joints and hands

I have been suffering from severe chronic pain in my knee joints which made bending my knees and going up and down the stairs excruciatingly painful. After ten days of daily TerraQuant treatment, using programmes 1 and 2, 20 minutes each day on each knee, I feel a noticeable improvement. The pain has not disappeared, but I can now bend my knees and can walk up and down the stairs with greater ease. I also have arthritis in my hands, and as a hairdresser who shampoos women's hair every day, each time I wet my hands, I feel strong pain. After using TerraQuant on my hands for fifteen consecutive days, I can feel a noticeable reduction in pain. I continue to use TerraQuant every day or every other day both on my knees and on the arthritis in my hands. I thank my daughter every day for buying me TerraQuant as a present.

Mrs D Nathaniel, London

Wrist and burn

"... I plug the machine in and find that it is actually a model of simplicity to operate. You choose one of five preset programmes - each with different pulse frequencies - press the start button and apply the emitter (looks like a shower head) over the affected area.I used the programme for wrist pain, and I was pleased to detect a moderate increase in mobility and a reduction in pain. I also tried the programme to treat a small burn, and noticed that it quickly changed from an angry crimson to a faint blush. I'd definitely give it a qualified thumbs up."

Arthritis News, April-May 2005

Leg ulcers

"An amazing device. I have a diabetic ulcer in my leg that until recently did not show signs of healing. After just one course of TerraQuant treatment my ulcer is definitely showing signs of healing and is getting smaller."

Mr J Bird, Cleveland, Teeside

Soft tissue injuries & musculoskeletal inflammation

"Pain management needs addressing from several ways - often more than tablets is required. I have used the TerraQuant device to successfully treat soft tissue injuries and other musculo-skeletal inflammatory disorders e.g. tennis elbow. It combines the power of three modalities to treat the conditions and yet at the same time its use remains easy enough for patients to use with excellent instructions. The TerraQuant is ideal unit to use in a General Practice setting, training requirements being kept to a minimum and yet the unit appears very safe to use."

Dr Martin Johnson, Ashville Medical Centre, Barnsley, Yorkshire

"With my extensive experience working with chronic and acute injuries TerraQuant Laser is the most advanced and effective modality which I use for many world class athletes as well as lay people."

Igor N Burdenko, Ph.D. Founder & President, The Burdenko Water and Sports Therapy Institute


"I have found the Terraquant Laser simple and easy to use. It has been very effective in the treatment of shoulder and elbow problems specifically in tennis elbow. It has also helped to resolve some stubborn sprained ankles. The TerraQuant is also a helpful adjunct for scar management especially in the hand. The TerraQuant laser system has proved a useful tool in our physiotherapy Practice."

Jayne Gould, Chartered Physiotherapist, London