Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


E., usually a healthy man, experiences strong pains at the front of his head and above his left ear. Unfortunately, he feels no relief when taking tranquilizers. Although a single series of HandyCure treatment at a varying frequency had no effect, two series of treatment at the frequency of 5 eased his pain significantly and he functions now with no medications.

J. is a 16 years old girl and she complained of strong lower back and abdomen pains, in particular close to her menstruation dates. I instructed her to apply HandyCure at the pain locations 12 to 15 days after menstruation and if pain returns to apply HandyCure at frequency 5 for two series of treatment. J. reported later that she felt much better after the treatment.

A., a woman of 54, is overweight 35kgs. She recently fell and after her fall she suffered from persistant pains at her right ankle. A. used HandyCure for two weeks, and after a series of treatments at frequency 5 and 50 she reported significant relief in her pain.