Self Health Treatment and Monitoring


I had a meniscus operation 38 years ago after a sport accident. I have kept using my knee in running, walking, climbing but two years ago it became so worn out that it was difficult event to walk. My physician told me that he could not help me in any other way but by applying a knee prosthesis. I have visited another doctor who administered steroid injections and following that non-steroid medicaments. As a result of this I had no pain in my knee for four months but my stomach was seriously damaged. After four months of this treatment and following a full day excursion the state of my knee was just as before.
This was the time when I have heard about the soft laser and based on information available from internet I have ordered a Handy Cure’s device. I have made a daily treatment of 5 weeks, after three weeks leaving out one week as advised by the User Guide. With this treatment I could reach that my knee is not sore and I can use it much harder than before. If, for some reason, I strain or overload it, I immediately use Handy Cure’s and remedy the problem without any medicament.

Ever since I have bought the device almost everybody in the family has applied it with success. My husband cured its sciatic nerve inflammation, my daughter used it to accelerate curing her broken nail, my son-in-law applied it to a swelling due to ligament overload, and it was also used in curing sinus inflammation of one of my granddaughter.

Anna Lux, Director, Lux Kereskedelmi Kft., Budapest