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Cure Ex

By Rich Moeon August 16, 2017

Got this item the first week of July. After fourty (40) days, I can see my nail bed (bottom of the nail). I spent three months using a topical anti-fungal with NO results. Now, after this relatively short time, I have more than half of my nail back. This is progress in my mind. You do have to use it multiple times each day, and scrub the area with mild soap, but yes, I'm VERY happy.


By Leah on August 11, 2017

I've been using this light for awhile now and have seen some improvement on my two toes with fungus shown in the picture. You can still see some of the nail damage but they look much better than before. I use the light two times a day usually back to back to just get it over with. I've tried everything In The past and nothing worked to get rid of this. So far the improvement I've seen is enough to make me continue using it.


By Chele Garcia on July 25, 2017

So I've been having my husband use this for about month now... 3x a day. I am extremely impressed. We've tried all the over the counter products and a lot of prescription products. But let me say the with in one month we have seen such an improvement . More noticeable so far than anything else.
It's is so simple to use. It's like a blood pressure gusts you see at a dr office. Just clip on your toes. Absolutely painless.
I have not had the battery to die . Actually have only charged it once. My husband drives a truck for a living. He will put it in and actually drive . It's small and not big and clunky. Perfect size actually. I am going to post pics of before and after on his toe nail.
But I highly suggest spending the extra money on this treatment than buying so many other products that do not work. I highly recommend !!

Chele Garcia

Boris Maryanchik - March 2017

To General Manager Mr Boris Gertzman
From Boris Maryanchik t.z. 321956351
Moche Dayan st, 28 a, Kfar Saba 4452010

Dear Boris,
Thank you for your assistance with gaskets for CURE-EX device.
Perhaps my story is of clinical interest, as the case of the successful application of the device to a person with reduced immunity, aged about 80, which have tried almost everything.

For the first time the fungus struck my nails almost immediately after his arrival in the country in 2000. I was able to recover using Locery a normal rasp, which I remove most half of the nails. I was able to recover.

The second time, the fungus struck down me 2 years ago. I was particularly bothered that were hit 2 nails on the hands. I masked legs' nails by socks even in the heat, and bandaged hands' nails. At first I tried again Locery, but I had no effect, probably because my immunity was reduced. Then I was treated by stationary laser in a private clinic. The situation has improved visually, but tests showed the fungus remains. I then turned to a dermatologist. He explained to me, the laser is not effective, that it is simply a means of extracting money from the patients that my condition is satisfactory and designated drop, whose name I do not remember. My condition worsened dramatically. I began to be masked and suddenly I learned about CURE-EX.

I had to overcome the resistance of his wife, who did not want to buy cure-ex because she believed that the device is useless. She referred to negative results of my treatment;, and also she referred to an american physician's words he said him to our friend in the North Carolina " fungus treatment no exists for elderly people"

It took about 9 months when I treated by CURE-EX. Already a year has passed after treatment and ever since I am being without both treatment and camouflage. My wife evaluated the effect and she intends to use your device, in connection with which I addressed to you for the new gaskets.

It is possible that the stationary laser is not worse than CURE-EX, but CURE-EX always with me and saves to me money. I wish Medical Quart to find the marketing paths in order to provide all people around the world suffering from nails with this magnificent device.


Alice B., WALLINGFORD, CT September 2016

I have had toe nail fungus for years. Have tried oral medication, topical medication and soaks. Nothing has worked. I purchased the Cure Ex and started using it June 4th. My nails are now much better. Most of them are pink again. Both large toes have 'lifting' from the fungus. They are slowly growing out and the nail beds growing in look pink. I would recommend the Cure Ex to anyone.